We asked global thought leaders, mentors and coaches around the world to join and to provide our members with premium and exclusive training programs that are unique. We also opened the door to the rising stars, the passionate superhero's who have been part of the Najahi Community and are ready to teach the world what they have learned. Maybe one day your photo will be listed here too!

Lisa Nichols
Millionaire entrepreneur, best-selling author, a humanitarian and a motivational speaker

John Assaraf
Leading Mindset & Behaviour Expert, CEO & Founder of Neurogym, Multiple Best Selling Author & Entrepreneur

John Lee
Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Social Media & Business Growth Expert

Dr John Demartini 
Human Behavioural Expert, Researcher, Author and Global Educator 

Jean-Pierre De Villiers
High Performance Coach, Inspirational International Speaker, Author and Professional Vegan Athlete


Michael Dermer
Entrepreneur, speaker and lawyer, author and founder of The Lonely Entrepreneur

Greg Secker
Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, International Speaker, Trading Expert

Christopher Kai
Inc. Magazine’s “the billionaire networker” and the #1 global bestselling author of “Big Game Hunting

Spencer Lodge
Sales Expert & Speaker

Felipe Lodi
Linkedin and personal branding expert

Rania Younes
Senior Radio Presenter, Motivational Speaker & Media Personality, Expert Public Speaker

Master Sri Akarshana 
Spiritual Master, International Speaker, Influencer, Best Selling Author and Humanitarian 

Mona Tavassoli
Award winning serial entrepreneur and CEO of Mompreneurs Worldwide

Courtney Smith
World Renowned Stock Trading Master

Jon Penberthy
Internet Marketing Expert and Entrepreneur 

Paul O'Mahony
Best Selling Author, Record Breaking Speaker and Entrepreneur

Dr Hanan Selim
Transformational speaker, author and founder of the Healology Wellness Psychology

Ben Ouattara
High performance and mindset coach for entrepreneurs

Christoffer Weiss
The World’s Premiere AudioVisual Alchemist

Allan Kleynhans
Spiritual Psychologist, Inspirational Speaker, Master Facilitator & Coach 


Saman Hamidi
Entrepreneur & Digital Content Creation Expert

Sara Abaza
Health and Wellness Mentor

Sebastian Bates
Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author &  Podcast Host

Kelly Lundberg
Brand Consultant and Business Mentor

Muneer Al Busaidi 
Hypnotist, NLP Trainer and Communications Expert

Dr. Viana Hassan
Tourism Management and Cultural  Ph.D.

Kendria R. Johnson
Author, Teacher, Speaker and Writer

Kiru Kishokumar
Renowned Global Health Coach, Pharmacologist, certified in Integrative Nutrition, Educator and International speaker

Rohan Weerasinghe
Best-selling author, international speaker, entrepreneur and the founder of Communicating With Impact (CWI)

Carol Talbot
Keynote Speaker, NLP Master, Author, Master Firewalk Instructor

Hiba El Ayal
Life Coach, Influential Public Speaker and Author of  "The Chemistry Of Passion Lab" Book 

Krystel Abi Assi
CEO of Amazon Sellers Society-Middle East

Yasser Bahaa 
Business Excellence Expert, Assessor, Certified Trainer, Executive Coach, Author & Public Speaker (NLP, EI, IiP, EFQM, MBA, DBA)

Ruqya Khan
S.M.I.L.E. Strategist, Wordsmith and Possibilities Coach

Ibrahim Abudyak
Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Speaker

Dhiren Harchandani
Transformation Architect, Serial Entrepreneur, Author, and Endurance Athlete

Ahmed F. Shaikhon
Motivational Speaker and Author

Avneet Kohli
Mindset & Communication Coach, Award-winning Presenter and an Inspirational Speaker

Sepideh Samadi
Academic, lecturer, Education and Career Advisor, Researcher and Artist

Rita Baki
Licensed Hypnotherapist, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Internationally Accredited Master Trainer of NLP and Hypnotherapy.

Darren Winters
A self made multi-millionaire investor and successful entrepreneur and voted best financial training provider

Rana Jammoul
Women's Personal Leadership Expert, Founder-Relationship Journeys LLC


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